Common Mistakes Made at or Before the Wedding Ceremony

To make sure your wedding ceremony is as special as you’ve always dreamed it would be, here are the most common mistakes officiants recommend avoiding at all costs. 

Not encouraging guests to find their seats

Wedding ceremonies have start times for a reason. Even if mostly all of your guests are present, it’s important to have your officiant encourage guest to take a seat. Otherwise it risks causing confusion and leaving some guests standing until the very end of the ceremony.

Not asking the audience to turn off their cell phones

Because everyone from your seven-year-old brother to your 80-year-old grandmother has a cell phone these days, it’s even more important to remind guests to turn off their electronic devices. Even though they should know better than to leave their ringer on, it’s worth it to have your officiant announce them to silence it before the ceremony begins. Many couples have a sign stating that their ceremony is an unplugged event.

Not preparing the rings ahead of time

This is not the time to remove the rings from their box or to remove the price tag from the rings. These steps need to be taken prior to the ceremony.

Not moving out of the way for the first married kiss

This is probably the most intimate moment in the entire wedding ceremony, so it’s only right that the couple takes center stage without their officiant photo bombing their big moment. Request that your officiant steps to the side immediately after he or she announces the famous line, “you may now kiss your bride.”

Not focusing the ceremony on the couple

A generic ceremony can be for anyone, but for an event as special as a wedding, it should be personal. Please speak with your officiant so that he or she know about both of you and your relationship. When the ceremony is personalized, friends and family feel as they are part of something truly special.

Not rehearsing the ceremony at least once

When the officiant doesn’t review the ceremony with the couple beforehand, it can create major issues. Names are sometimes pronounced wrong or mixed up. Plus, it takes away from the uniqueness and personalization of the ceremony. It would not hurt to rehearse several times.

When the ceremony is to lecture-based,

No one wants to attend a wedding to hear a lecture. It is, however, refreshing to hear of the hopes, dreams, and wishes that are in the hearts of the couple getting married.

Not doing a mic check

For something as special as a wedding ceremony, it’s important to make sure the crowd can hear what’s being it is important to do a mic check before the ceremony begins. A lapel mic is not reliable.

Not looking at each other

During the ceremony, it’s very easy to stare at your officiant (after all, they are the one doing most of the talking). The couple needs to focus their attention on each other instead. This is one of the most important days of your lives, so looking into each other’s eyes should not be awkward. Holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes and focusing will help create the intimacy and will help both individuals with their nerves.

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