Five Things to Help You Decide When You’re Stuck Between Two Prom Gowns!

We all know Mrs. Joy has a mind of her very own, which means that she can come up with questions on the spot that will make you think about which gown you like better. This is a shortlist of her most commonly asked questions to help you out if you get stuck between two gowns while shopping.

  1. Which one have to compared all of the others to?
  2. Which one would make you feel the most upset if a frenemy showed up wearing it?
  3. If you left and were on your way back, and someone else had these two dresses, which dress would be the first you try to get back?
  4. Which gown do you see yourself wearing all night?
  5. Which gown makes you feel the absolute best?

Now it’s time to make that decision, so which is it? Submit your #promperfect picture on our website, and don’t forget to include our new hashtag #RBeauties when you’re posting up on social media, we love seeing you all dresses up!

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