The years you have spent dreaming about your wedding have prepared you for this moment! Once the awaited proposal occurs, you can start planning! Before you begin the process, it is an excellent idea to set a budget. An over-all budget for the wedding gives you the option to move money from one area to another as the need arises. One of the most exciting parts of the wedding process is finding the dress. When setting a budget, it leaves many wondering, what is the typical price of a wedding dress? Well, we are here to help!

We will never tell you how much you should spend on a wedding dress because, frankly, there is no correct answer-but we can help you understand why wedding dresses cost the amount they do. Various factors play a role in the overall cost of the dress.

There is no perfect answer to this question. Everyone has a different budget, and there are wedding dresses available to satisfy each one. For example, here at Isabella Grace Bride, our wedding gown range from $800 to $3000, with our average prices being $1000 to $1800, This rage of prices gives our brides many options.

Like with any piece of clothing that you buy, many factors go into the pricing of a wedding dress. Whether this is the fabric, embellishments, silhouette, structure, designer, or details, there are dresses out there for everyone! Let us delve a little deeper into each factor to understand further how these can affect the price of a wedding dress.

The fabric of a dress plays a significant role in what the price tag will be. Fabrics such as charmeuse, silk, and excessive lace will be more expensive because of their quality. A way to lower the cost of your dress would be to opt for polyester fabric. Polyester is a great way to get a high-end look without exceeding your budget. Learn your preferred style and get an idea of what you are looking for before your appointment-remember to stay open-minded!

Are you someone who loves details? We do too! Intricate details, beading, and hand-placed appliques can add up when looking for a wedding gown design.

Designer’s prices vary because of many factors-fabrics they use, quality, etc. If the designer is well known, they will probably price higher the dress than those of more affordable and lesser-known designers. But just because the designer is top end does not mean they do not have affordable options. It is all about researching and going to your appointment to learn more.

All dresses have their structure within, many having cups for comfort and support, but when you look at dresses with corsets and boning, the price can fluctuate in the higher range. These assets add to the dress’s value because they give it extra support and structure, contributing to the dress’s overall quality and comfortability. These elements are worth the extra money if you are someone who values comfort, especially on a day that is so special!