Kathryn Kollections and Victoria Couture-What is Private Label ?

When you begin shopping for a wedding dress, it can be overwhelming, especially as you start your research! You see many beautiful gowns, but they are so similar in looks. 

You are questioning how you will ever select your dress that will not look just like the hundreds that look the same! You want to be YOU, YOUR unique self. That is the reason for both the Kathryn Kollection and the Victoria Couture collection of wedding gowns. Both designer lines are near and dear to our hearts here at Isabella Grace Bride! If you had not already heard, these private label designs are EXCLUSIVE to Isabella Grace Bride! We are SOOOOO excited to share these designs with you!

Our private label designs in both the Kathryn Kollection and Victoria Couture are hand-selected and curated. Designed by the owner and staff at Isabella Grace Bride and requested custom changes to designs from reputable designers. You are only able to purchase these collections of wedding dresses here at Isabella Grace Bride.  

Both collections are essential to you, the bride. Isabella Grace Bride provides you with a custom experience. Want to change out the fabric, add sleeves, make it a custom color, add cap sleeves: the possibilities are endless. Isabella Grace Bride can provide you with a wedding dress that is unique to you! The collections have a wedding dress for everyone, the minimalistic look to the glitz and glam, and everything in the middle! 

To see more of these AMAZING UNIQUE gowns, visit our website, or call and make an appointment! We LOVE seeing our dresses every day, but we love seeing you in them even more!

The diversity of these two collections is a hit with our brides. Say “YES” to a Kathryn Kollection and a Victoria Couture! 

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