Hi, I’m Kellie

A Stylist at Isabella Grace Bride

Hometown:  I was born in the cold town of Claremont, New Hampshire.

What I LOVE about working at IGB: There are so many wonderful things about working at IGB, but I love that I truly get to be part of one of the most magical moment in someones life!

Favorite Gown Designer:  I am in love with the Victoria Couture collections.

Favorite Trend in Bridal:  I am in LOVE with the different styles of whimsical bottoms on the gowns.

How I LOVE to Spend my Free Time:  Spending time with my grand babies.

My Favorite Television Show: Curse of Oak Island

My Advice to a Bride:  If you can dream it, you can do it!


Our Gowns and Designers Are Quality

At Isabella Grace Bride we believe that the beauty of the garment is in what it expresses about the person wearing it and that is especially true of wedding gowns.  Here at Isabella Grace Bride, we are passionate about curating a collection of designer wedding gowns that give you the freedom to find your own personal and unique expression for one of the most memorable days of your life!  We seek out the highest quality, most beautiful gowns in a wide variety of prices and styles so that you can have an amazing selection to choose from. We love offering designs that aren’t available anywhere else in the tri-state area – meaning that your wedding gown and accessories from Isabella Grace Bride are all so special for your most special day.

Kathryn Kollection

Victoria Couture

Blammo Biamo

Calla Blanche


We Care About Your Story

Our brides become a part of the Isabella Grace Bride family – a group of amazing women who are from all over the country and the world.

We are a family owned and operated business

Our business values are rooted in who we are, and in everything we do. We LOVE this business!

We are so excited for you to get to know Isabella Grace Bride and to see for yourself what makes your experience at IGB go far beyond the others!

Our Love Story