Meet Our Team

The Bridal Consultants of Isabella Grace Bride

Our team at Isabella Grace Bride is passionate about what we do. We love being a women-run and a women-focused business. Most of all, we love weddings and fashion! We are a team that loves and support one another. We want our passion to shine through in everything we do.

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This is Our Story

Everyone has a story worth sharing! At Isabella Grace Bride, YOUR story is what we care about the very most! We look forward to listening to any and all of your story that you would like you’d like to share – not only about what is most important to you for your wedding dress and your wedding, but also about your fiance, your family and your life. Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you and your unique story.

Until then, here is just a brief summary of my story. It’s for those of you who may be interested in how Isabella Grace Bride in Harrisonburg, Virginia came to be, and therefore, what our fundamental business values are.

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 I was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Florida as a child; I then moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee to attend college and met the love of my life, my husband Joe. After college we moved to Florida for ten years and then to Virginia. My mother, Kathryn, taught me to sew sitting on her lap using and old treadle sewing machine. As a child and teenager, I enjoyed creating my own garments and customizing the outfits, so they were unique and ME! I was a home economics teacher and gained knowledge about, styles, and fabrics. I have always been a romantic at heart, and love everything about weddings and wedding dresses.

I knew I wanted to do something in the fashion industry after our two children were grown and out on their own; I thought it would be both fun and rewarding to help brides during such a special time in their lives. So, fifteen years ago, I opened Reflections in Harrisonburg, Virginia. It began with selecting the best bridal designers and led to the creation of two bridal collections of my own. The Kathryn Kollection, which was my flagship collection is named after my granddaughter Kathryn Isabella and my mother Kathryn. This collection has endless opportunities for customization. The second collection is the Victoria Couture collection, named after my granddaughter Victoria Grace. The business grew and when the store moved in 2018 the business was separated into two distinctly separate stores; Isabella Grace Bride is the bridal salon and Reflections Prom and Pageant is the prom, formalwear and pageant store. What I am the most excited about in the separation of the store, is that each bride now has their own viewing suite, private dressing room and the intimacy they deserve to select the most expressionate garment they will wear.

Here’s what I love most:

I love helping women feel beautiful, confident and special. I so blessed to be able to offer each bride a beautiful and welcoming place to find the most special expressionate garment they will ever purchase and wear. I love that each bride becomes a member of the Isabella Grace Bride family! I love my staff and they are a part of my family. I love the feeling when I get goose bumps every time a bride is in my salon, in the most amazing and perfect gown, and they look so AMAZING and happy! Owning this business, being able to create and share beautiful gowns with beautiful people is what it is all about!

My story, who I am, what I care about and love, and our team, has all come together to make Isabella Grace Bride what it is today. I hope you feel welcomed, respected and heard here. Please enjoy finding your very own dream gown at Isabella Grace Bride!