Preparing For Prom 2020

Taking #Rbeauties to Prom
Prom is one of the most important nights in a teenager’s life because you get to show who you are in one of the most expressive garments you’ll ever own. As the big day approaches you might be feeling panicked, but don’t worry, Reflections is here to help you get ready. These tips and tricks will take the stress out of your prom-perfect day so you can roll into the dance feeling your absolute best!

  • A Prom-perfect Gown: Finding the most expressive gown can seem like a HUGE task, from the many designers and styles to the colors and bead work, making it feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’ll do this together. First, start by looking around online at styles, colors, and designs. Screenshot what you’re liking. Next, make a stop in at a boutique, show them your screenshots, and make sure you have the time to try on. #Rbeauties will get hands-on experience with our stylist, who will help you one-on-one.
  • Dinner, Dance, Done: After you’ve found your gown, its time to start thinking about the yummy food you’re going to share with your friends. I suggest starting with making a list. List everyone who you’re going to be eating with so that you can create a headcount. Call your groups’ favorite restaurant and create a reservation. Making a reservation will create peace of mind when you’re getting ready.
  • Let’s Go Dancing: You have your date, you have your dinner reservation, now its time to dress up and go dancing. For your glam look, I would ask your friends and older siblings for suggestions so that your prom-perfect glam gets created by someone genuinely amazing. If you have trouble finding someone, give us a call! We have plenty of contacts that we can share with you!

Its time to get excited for a prom-perfect night. These tips should make this as stress-free as possible. Let’s do this together and make your night a great night to remember!

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