Jimme Huang Bridal

General price range: $1,500- $3,000

jimme E. Huang is the designer behind this brand. He started designing formal gowns back in 2011 tailoring to prom & pageant. He just launched his first bridal collection.

Plume has an unique design style, one that always tests the barriers and boundaries of the modern world of fashion design. His style of design is known for being fitted, sexy and modern, all while combining luxury materials. Aside from designing all the collections at Helen’s Heart, Jimmie oversees the marketing of the entire divisions still to this day, even while he has over 100 stores nationwide. He always put himself in front of his customers at trunk shows & fashion shows.

Gowns pictured here are a sample of the collection. Please schedule an in-store appointment or contact us to inquire about any specific gowns.